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Our Mission

Welcome to Empire Transport! We hope you enjoy your visit,
and hope you will be inspired to take a ride with us.  Please look around
our site and see what we have to offer.

Company Profile

Empire Transport is a space transportation company participating in "America's Space Prize", offered by Robert Bigelow. This is a $50M prize for the first two (2) successful orbital flights for five (5) passengers within 60 days.

Initially, Empire Transport will strive to attain the 50 million dollar American Space Prize, sponsored Bigelow Aerospace LLC. After we reach this goal, we will provide contract flights to suppliers and first and foremost to Bigelow Aerospace, transporting goods and personnel to their facility. 

Contact Information

(919) 484-0568
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3285 S. Roxboro Rd., Suite 136, PMB 290, Durham, NC 27713
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